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PLS HELP A.S.A.P!! Does my best friend like me? And if so what do i do?

ohk so we are both girls :$ and we cant get very cuddly with each other sometimes.... like we will be on the couch and ill have my legs on her and she will have her hands rested between my legs like to keep them warm i guess and then she will sometimes like give them a little squeeze or move her finger back and forth .. and sometimes she will be looking at my chest but like we do it to each other like playfully but sometimes it seems a little more play full it is sapposed to be but i could just be taking it the wrong way since i like her a bit ... other times when we are with our friends like the other day we where in mcdonalds and i was sitting with my boyfriend and over his shoulder i could see her like licking her lips and giving me that seductive look lol but she does that alot but it usually just seems like she is just joking cuz she will laugh after wards and she doesnt really do it with our other friends just me? so thats what kind of makes me think she likes me.. but other times i dont think she does cuz she will be like omg so and so is sooo hot or cute or something or the way she will act around guys makes me think she doesnt. oh and we slap eachothers butts kind of alot too :$ and i call her like gay of bi alot and she will be like noo im not i know that sounds bad but i just want to see one day if she just says yes or something .. and like theres this girl in our school who will grab ur hand if ur walking by and she did it to me and even thou i didnt care that she did i made it seem like it was a big like omg shes gay when really i didnt care and she did it to my friend too and she made it like a big deal like i did but i dont know if it really was to her... anyways the other day i was kinda out of it cuz i was high :$ and she might of said it cuz she thought i would forget cuz i was high or something but she was talking to me and i briefly remember her saying something kind of like guys are jerks i might as well go bi or lez or something along the lines of that and i havent said anything to her about it and i dont think i will .. and sometimes whenever we hug the dog will bark at us for some reason... i like to hug her alot :$ and some times we will sit on each others laps .. and she knows ive kissed a girl before but i was typsie and she didnt even really care she found it funny and makes fun of me for it sometimes like not a bad making fun of me but hints that she wont forget that i did it <<if that makes sense... plus a couple times she has layed on top of my back... anyways is what we do like flirting with eachother and does she like me and if so how do i know if she wasnts me to kiss her and doesnt she like as more than a friend??? i need to know a.s.a.p plss and thank youuu :)

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    I was to lazy to read all that! But you should go askkk.

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    Thats A LOT! lol(: maybe you are paranoid? Maybe she thinks that maybe you guys are really close(:

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