If the BUN level INCREASED from 27 - 46 in two days, WHAT does this INDICATE?

My mother who is 83 with congestive hearth failure, has her BUN level and Creatinine checked every two days. Today's results are:: BUN = 46, and Creatinine = 1.6. Two days ago, 12/11/11, the results were: BUN 27, Creatinine: 1.3. Previously, the BUN was around 25, and Creatinine around 1.2.

The nurse told me that all of her other counts are good, e.g. potassium, although, she said I should talk to the doctor to see what's going on. She could not answer why the dramatic increase in the BUN, although she felt that because the Creatinine was not that bad, I should not be worried.

Her breathing is good, 16 - 21 BPM; she is not short of breath, which to me indicates that her heart and lungs are getting stronger.

She has an infection, although her WBC count is in the normal range, around 8. She is on antibiotics for the infection. The doctor said she has "some bugs" in her blood.

I'm wondering if this could indicate acute renal failure, or it is due to medications, dehydration, etc., and, therefore, could her situation improve?

Thank you.

PS I realize that this could be the end of her life, but she does show progress in some areas, so, it's hard to say.


My mother has been in the hospital for six weeks, mostly lying down on a bed.

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  • 9 years ago
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    It's nothing to worry about at this time. It may be due to dehydration, antibiotics, or other medications.

    Without knowing her case, it's hard to tell.

    Best of luck.

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