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Have a boyfriend but, not feeling it?

i have a boyfriend that ive been dating for a few days but i'm really not feeling it. Iv'e had a girlfriend before, that i've never really stopped having feelings for. I think i might possibly be a lesbian. none of my past relationships with my boys have been 'thrilling' either. whenever i like a girl, or attracted to one, the feeling is much more intense, and to think about it i don't even really know if i have feelings for my current boyfriend. should i have sex with my boyfriend and see if i like it? or any other suggestions.........


theres nothing that he's doing thats wrong he's great and a good boyfriend its just my personal feelings that aren't connecting...

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    Nah, I wouldn't have sex with your boyfriend. If your not feeling it now, than why would you like him for him after sex. You don't want to only like your boyfriend for sex, you should like him for him. So I would let him go now, before it's to late.

    Honestly, being with girls is better in my opinion.

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    9 years ago

    Do you mean he's not kissing you,holding hands, or hugging you or other lovey-dovey things? If he's not doing any of these things, then tell him how you feel.

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