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Is this considered to be a musical gift or is it actually a common skill?

My brother doesn't read and write music but he is able to transpose/translate to a keyboard the sounds he hears in his head.

He plays by ear too but this thing that he does (being able to bring to life sounds he hears in his head) seems to be a totally different thing. Is there a name for it? and is this a common skill?

I can't do it but then again I'm not musically inclined. I love studying composers though. :p


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    It is a gift, neither horribly rare or common.

    It is not, ironically, any further indication that the 'owner' will be interested, really, in music or have further aptitude for playing well or composing. (There are people with 'perfect pitch' who otherwise haven't a scintilla of interest in music, as listener or participant.)

    It is a very good asset if one is pursuing music, though.

    If your brother is interested in pursuing music, it would not be atypical for him to resist learning how to read, believing he has 'enough' of what it takes. That is sem-delusional, and can only be overcome by allowing that person to stumble until they realize they need the 'normal' stuff of training :-)

    Best regards.

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    It's something most musically talented people can do. It's not really a separate skill from being able to play by ear. It doesn't matter whether he heard something played by someone else or something in his head; transferring what you hear to keyboard is the same skill no matter where you heard it.

    If he goes to the average community college he may find that he's the only one there who can do that. If he goes to a music school he'll find that everyone in the program can.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's definitely considered a musical gift! I have a friend who can do that, and she is a very talented pianist and tenor saxophonist. Convince him to take a music course or lessons, he will likely be successful. I play trumpet (for 4-5 years) and French horn (for about a year) , and I can't do that.

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