In the Assassin's Creed series, who or what are the Borgia?

Could someone explain to me who or what the Borgia is and why Ezio is constantly hunting them down and why they are trying to take over the world or whatever? Thanks! and who is subject 16?What's that about?

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    The Borgia is the family of the old fat man (pope) from the second game. The son that took over (casarae Borgia) thats the familys last name and the army he runs is called borgia named after them. Subject 16 was the assasin before Desmond but he died due to being in the animus to long. You will see subject 16 in revalations. You should get it:-)

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    In the Assassins Creed game the main villians for all the heros past and present are the templars, now in reality the Templars were an order that invented banking and help escort kings and troops to the middle east. The king of France got up to his eyeballs in debt to them and rather then pay them he had them burned at the stake, but in the Assassins creed series they went underground and plotted taking over the world.

    Borgias are the leaders of the Templar knights in the begining of Assassins Creed 2 they were the lead of the conspericy that let Ezio's father and two brothers hang and Ezio is out for revenge.

    the Borgias were real people in history one of them was Pope Alexander the 2nd (I beleive someone want to make sure I got the right pope here) now has a catholeic I would usually say it is offensive to use the pope has an enemy, but not this guy. Think of a guy with an illegitmate children, assassinated people for land, and use the church has his own private piggy bank.

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    The Borgia are an influential family during the Renaissance, they are all Templars and thats why Ezio is fighting them. Subject 16 was someone who was kidnapped by Abstergo before Desmond and went insane because of the bleeding effect, so he encoded himself into the Animus. For more info go here

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    The Borgia was the ruling family in Rome, because a Borgia was Pope. Subject 16 was the person who was put through the animus before Daniel. He lost his mind, and began reliving all the memories from his parents up to Adam/Eve. He learned "The Truth" and encoded it for someone to discover before he died.

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    well to make more sense of it you could play assasins creed 2 but heres my lame summary

    basically the auditore and borgia have been bitter enemies, something happened that got the auditore family in big trouble his father, older brother and younger brother got hanged cuz of it. i think because they found out the father is an assasin. i think the guards also raped his mother she was a mess not making fun of her but she didnt talk throughout the whole game or when her family was imprisioned.

    ezio was the only one that didnt get caught. later we find out that a man called rodrigo borgia and his borgia family had a hand in killing his family. ezio sets out to kill all the borgia members involved. and it ends up going all over italy. even rome to kill the main conspirator rodrigo- who becomes the pope.

    in reality rodrigo was a templar or templar leader, assasins and templars are fatal enemies. his goal was to get a piece of eden to challenge god. but failed thanks to ezio

    in the third one the borgia is trying to take over the world, atleast rodrigos son cezare, his father told him all about the piece of eden. he besieged ezios home, killed his uncle, and pretty much left him for dead in the burning city. cezare took the apple from ezios uncle. would of used the apple to rule world.

    so pretty much borgia keep ******* with ezio and ezio keeps taking care of the borgia.

    Source(s): from what i noticed the apple gives the holder special abilities, in their story it made famous,genius men, like george washington, nicolas tesla, joan of arc,alexander the great, caesar, pretty much all cuz of the piece of eden. they werent born special it was all the pieces of eden.
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    confident, it is the comparable "Borgia". yet, I doubt its because of the game. it appears that evidently to be based on HBO's upcoming series "game of Thrones" based upon the e book series "A music of Ice and hearth" via George R.R. Martin and the imminent series "Camelot" on Starz, that's based off of Arthurian Legend.

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