Where should I go to study photojournalism?

I was looking at going to Rochester Institute of Technology for the longest time, just because I love upstate NY and the fact that there's so much nature nearby, along with great reviews I've heard of the school before; I'm just not a fan of the fact that there isn't much to do around there. I've also recently began considering Boston University, although I'm not much of a city person, but research has told me that it's a great school to go to for photojournalism. Along with being stuck between these two colleges, I've considered going to school New York City so everything is close by and I can have a party-life etc-etc (because yes that is important to me lol), and anywhere in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, so it's another close-by city environment, but I can easily take a one-hour drive to be around nature.

Long-story-short, what school would be good to go to to major in photojournalism, which is close to nature but isn't completely rural with nothing to do and no where to go, in the states around NY? Also, I would love it if they had good study-abroad programs.

And I'm sorry if this is confusing lol... Thanks for your time xx

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