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How do I cope with a baby's cry?

I submitted this question but didn't get much feed back so I'll try one more time...

I have had this phobia/fear for as long as I can remember. Every time I hear a baby cry, I get absolutely terrified; I get anxious, scared, depressed and get chills down my spine.

I don't know exactly why it is; but I have to face this fear/phobia again because a family friend is bringing their two year old child into town and I'm not sure how to cope with when the child cries. Any suggestions how to cope with this?

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    You may have PTSD from at hurtful things that happened to you in the past. Your brain may be hiding some memories to protect you. Selective amnesia. Talk to a therapist or someone who cares and try to remember the source of these phobia. You may have have something that happened to you to have fear of a baby crying... Be warned if you recover your hurtful memories you will go on a spiral of emotional pain. But its the only way to help yourself. I not saying this is the reason, im saying this may be. You have to talk to someone to find out. Don't suffer alone try writing on a journal if you feel by yourself. Read some depression books. And go see if you have the symptoms of PTSD. God bless and help you hun.

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    If this is a true phobia, you should talk to someone (a trained psychologist) to work on overcoming it. A two-year-old may not cry that often, but if it does happen perhaps you could excuse yourself from the room for a few minutes.

    Ultimately, you may be better off asking for help and working to desensitize yourself to this. Best of luck!

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    Remember that children cry because they don't have the words to communicate what they're really feeling, but *their parents* are usually pretty good at figuring it out, especially a 2 year old's cries.

    A child that's crying isn't necessarily bleeding to death! It may have just dropped his toy. And that's normal!

    Source(s): Occupational Therapist in a hospital My 17 month old son just cried because I had to stand up and he had to stop playing with this computer mouse! lol
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    I went in the process the perfect comparable difficulty as you're dealing with. I had by no potential frolicked around little ones earlier and that they have got been so plenty greater artwork than i assumed. Being abode on my own with my son terrified me. He substitute into additionally a fussy toddler and cried the finished time he substitute into conscious. Taking him out of the abode many times worked o.k. and saved me sane. that's in all danger a mixture of a sprint of placed up-partum melancholy, sleep deprivation, and being flat-out overwhelmed. i will assist you know that issues have been given so plenty greater beneficial for me whilst my son substitute into approximately 3 months previous and he lost a number of his ability to cry consistently. i substitute into additionally greater beneficial on days I have been given sleep, so see if somebody can watch the toddler on the same time as you get some close-eye. If i substitute into relatively insane, i might lie down with him interior the criminal of my arm and sleep...he might sleep then, too. only remind your self that those thoughts are general, that that's a huge interest. additionally remind your self which you do no longer would desire to do it on my own. regrettably, my husband substitute right into a jerk right now and that i DID would desire to do it on my own (no relatives interior sight), yet even I made it by way of. on the worst, often times i might placed my son interior the vehicle with me, pass %. up some quickly nutrients (he substitute into quiet interior the vehicle), and then placed him interior the toddler Bjorn and walk around the block on the same time as I ate it. only something to kill 30 minutes and sparkling your head. i wish I helped a sprint, yet be specific that those thoughts WILL bypass, and there is not any injury in anti-depressants in case you experience that's getting relatively undesirable. i assumed approximately it on the time. Now i admire my son greater beneficial than something and infrequently experience overwhelmed anymore. sturdy success! EDIT: Oh, yeah...finding on the previous answer, having my son close to my heart worked wonders. He might nod off presently after being there (concept he's often been a snooze fighter and we would have quiet the "argument" for a minute).

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    dont expect the baby to be crying ,the mom will take care of the baby but if it happens and its during the day then go outside for awhile,or if you cant escape then ear plugs from walmart will do the trick.ok

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    Tell the child to shut up. A 2 year old can understand an angry face and if he doesn't know you, he will think you'll harm him so, he'll listen.

    Source(s): It works with stranger's kids in resturants. I'm a waitress.
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