Does every seizure patient have a postictal period?

I am a paramedic and have a frequent flyer patient who reportedly has "seizures" but is always conscious and alert by the time I get there and "has just came out of the seizure" when I get there according to family.

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    9 years ago
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    Paramedic? Now that's embarrassing to the profession!

    You should have been taught in school about the different types of seizures or at least how to look up medical information from reliable sources.

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    9 years ago

    What type of seizures are you talking about? Very few people have the "grand mal - old term" like you see on paramedic TV shows.

    Primary Generalized Seizures

    Absence seizures

    Atypical absence seizures

    Myoclonic seizures

    Atonic seizures

    Tonic seizures

    Clonic seizures

    Tonic-clonic seizures

    Simple partial seizures

    Complex partial seizures

    Secondarily generalized seizures

    Yes it is possible he could have just come out of the seizure.

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    that is possible,

    there are certain types of seizures where the patient is alert after as if nothing happened

    they may or may not recall the seizure

    eg. absence seizures, petite mal seizures

    Source(s): tons of research prior to my persnal experience
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