Suggestions to Improve My Chances at Getting into a College Program?

I am trying to get into a nursing program (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) which does not begin until the fall of 2012. What can I do until that time to better my chances of getting accepted. Thank-You in advance!

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  • 9 years ago
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    You don't really provide enough info for me to offer specific help. But if you are considering a particular school, you should go to their website and see what their requirements are. Then do what you can to meet those requirements. If you are still in high school, hopefully you are already enrolled in the necessary classes. You want to get good grades and try to establish your credentials as someone who is interested and prepared for a career in medicine. You could try to "shadow" a nurse (perhaps in your family's doctors office), you could volunteer in a health care facility.

    If you are already out of high school, you should still check requirements at your desired school, if you have questions contact an admissions officer. If you are missing some required course work (like Algebra II perhaps) then take those classes at a community college. If you are applying to a nursing program at a state school, it should be an easy matter for you to take many classes at a community college and then transfer the credits to the state RN program. You could try to find a temporary job in health care (there are temporary agencies that specialize in this). Working in medical records or in patient transportation at a hospital would give you more insight into the career you are considering.

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    4 years ago

    No. it is no longer. i'm no longer being mean, yet I determine you go with for the certainty. you're going up against people who've carried 3.5 or greater for all 4 years and executed obsene quantities of extrcarriculars. i might say you're able to desire to start you application letter now so as that it is remarkable and attempt your toughest. attempt to get in, then save up the complicated paintings. you are able to transfere in later, yet they are going to look on the entire equipment and you had extra appropriate be working complicated. on your letter, i could be honest. Accecpt duty to your previous grades and teach it as a transforming into and gaining knowledge of element. reliable success.

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