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Can your ex wife get half of your house ?

If you own your own house and it's all under your name, in case of a divorce does your ex wife get half of the house. I have an uncle whom is marrying. however he purchased his home about 10years ago. the women he met has nothing to do with the house. while they were together she was part of the house. she lived on her own and he lived in his house. he payed for all the bills and work on the house. it's all in his name... now she is moving in... if she decides in 2 years she doesnt want to be with him can she ask for half of the house ??? i don't believe there is a pre-nup


* while they were togeather, she WASENT part of the house , example he did'nt purchase it while they met.

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    In the state of NY, anything obtained WHILE married is community property. If your uncle purchased his house BEFORE he got married, then under most circumstances, she could not get the house or any 'part' of it. HOWEVER, a judge can make any ruling to the contrary in NY. A friend of mine was awarded her husbands house [purchased before they were married] when they got divorced. he had to pay the mortgage. These decisions are based on the living conditions, arrangements and finances during the marriage. In a general sense, your uncles house is his.

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    Each state is different .Did he get a Pre Nup? But here in WA Yes she could with out a pre nup.Its based on time spent together what her income was.Check NY laws

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    It depends on the law in the jurisdiction where they married and or are getting divorced. I canot believe that in this day and age there are people out there who dont know what marriage actually means! It's a legally binding contract so there's always going to be a financial arguement when it ends. EDUCATE YOURSELVES PEOPLE PLEASE!! It's not all about the romance!!

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    in the event that they have been married for countless years, she would desire to be entitled to a factor of any pension. that's seen, in any divorce, that the two events contribute the two to any sources (such with the aid of fact the abode) and any pension. the destiny income potential of each occasion additionally comes into play.

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    The answer might vary depending on which state he's in

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