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What does the "M" stand for in the MH-53 and MH-6 and MH-60 and MC130 in military aircraft?

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    Generally when you see M, however, it's a safe bet for special operations aircraft.

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    In MH-53 and MH-6 'M' stands for multimission.It is good to hear that US army got another "Black hawk" series transport helicopter.SH-60B contains spacious and comfortable cabin.In this process Sikorsky awarded an $86.83m modification contract to supply two additional S-70B helicopters to Brazil & this delivers are expected to completed in June'17.In US army and US navy UH-60 and SH-60 are same upto 80%.SH-60B is going to support for the LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi Purpose System).Addition of this will be the boost for the US army.

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    VT is intercourse constrained, AM does not exists, and additionally you would be able to desire to be on the checklist to be a MH or ML. you would be VT, AM, and ML. Edit: C'mon Deke, a lot of people have been ignored of the two checklist.

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