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3rd time posting answers please help!!!!?

. I just got a job at petsmart, and they sent me to labcorp, and i failed it. i had 2 small hits of weed 10 days prior to a drug test. I dont need any lectures, i know it was stupid. Before that, i hadnt smoked in over a month. But, i do take prescription adderall xr 40 mg. They said they are going to contact the person who looked at the urine sample..what does this mean for me? Did i fail it because of the adderall? Ive only smoked about 3 times in my life. The day before the drug test, i drank lots of cranberry juice and water. I made sure to not make my urine too diluted to avoid any 5 ft and 115 lbs

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    hard to say, but im guessing its the adderall that made u fail it: not all companies care about weed; many of them specifically look for harder drugs. So have ur prescription proof ready to prove its ur medication and not a recreational thing. But u will just have to wait and see.

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