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Why aren't there any Native American restaurants?


I live in the Midwest and have never heard of a traditional Native American restaurant.

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    There are lots of them. Just because they're not as common as McDonalds doesn't mean they're not out there.

    Source(s): Navajo
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    I live in the Southwest and I've never heard of any either. The closest thing is sort of a hybrid~version of Mexican food with a few Southern using grits with Mexican meals. It's a mystery.


    I checked the site from above. Thanks! Aunties Fried Bread Tacos and Truck Stop looks fun. I think I'll go. I've noticed the few and far between Native American restaurants all incorporate traditional Mexican dishes in their menus.which makes sense. We have a few Kosher~Chinese restaurants around here that don't make as much sense when you think about it. (But still excellent) Genghis Cohen's good.


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    in all danger with the aid of fact we committed a genocide (as "we" I mean the U. S. govt upon the preliminary "progression" of the land) to the interior sight American people as an entire. I even have been to many interior sight American reservations (in AZ and New Mexico) and that they normally sell "fry" bread, and so on. yet i'm specific there are super different nutrients utilising maize, and so on. even however, I do think of that with the aid of fact the topics plaguing interior sight individuals (economic depressions, and so on.) are with the aid of our rules from years lower back- and for this reason those tribes are only now getting economic viability lower back (with casinos, and so on.). for this reason, optimistically we would have greater opportunities to adventure yummy new nutrients!

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    This one offers 'south of the border' cuisine along with some Native American Navaho touches.

    This one features modern Native American foods involving fry breads, buffalo sausage and other things.

    This on is the only one like it in Denver....

    You sound a tad prejudiced againts Native Americans....

    Why would you even ask this question before researching it to avoid looking dumb?

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  • There are here. Guess there just aren't any where you live.

    Love the ignorant answers from the other posters. I guess what they say about the American educational system being ranked 27th is true, eh?

    Source(s): Mississauga Ojibwe.....we never ate buffalo, nor grass. Did pilgrims eat grass?
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    Source(s): Google is your friend.
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    put up a list of Native American dishes we'll see if they're appetizing

    besides raw fruit and wolf/buffalo meat.

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    Probably cuz we stole their recipes and called it American.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Buffalo meat?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    cause no one eats grass and wolves anymore....

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