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Is it worth fighting for my girl?

I want to say that im a little annoyed. First im 17 and my girlfriend is 14. My girlfriend is a really nice girl we are dating because we met a church. Our parents approve of us dating and we are taking things really PG. My girlfriend used to live near a suburban school she had black friends, white friends, latino friends and filipino friends. But her family just move to a tough neighborhood. But where she lives their this black guys constently harrasing her giving compliments about her white booty. Most of them are around 16 through 19. When i was 15 i was around that gang violence so now since i got with my girl i try to avoid her having contact with my old friends. My girlfriends isn't even caucasian she is really light skin but she is Latina shes gorgous she has a nice rack, a big booty and nice big lips. And a sexy waist. I do my best to be extra careful with not doing nothing with her. You see im a virgin and so is she. Well going back to this guys, they are not friendly they are racist to me because im Mexican. But they go crazy over my girls body and lips they say for a white girl she got black swagga. Im not racist i have black friends too. But i can't stand this guys.

My gf told me that this guy name Dante isn't rude like the other guys that he is nice and has given her a ride 3 times when it has gotten dark and she has to go back home. But one time she said that he wanted a favor back so he told her that he wanted pleasure. He gave her kisess on her boobs and she gave him a HJ. She call me and told me she did it because she felt scared i got mad at her but i forgave her when she started crying. She told me she is confused and she didn't know if she was scared of Dante or kind of felt something for him.

But my girls still speaks to Dante. And the first time he gave her a ride i was at her school she was acting really weird. Then Dante call her and told her if she wanted a ride. I was o.k with that i didn't had a car and I had soccer practice and Dante was a friend of mine in middle school. But i notice she unbotten one botten to show more cleavage. 5 minutes later Dante pick her up

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    Well, it looks like she is mixing with a bad crowd and she could get hurt so tell her that. If things get to serious ask her to tell her parents. If she is dishonest and unfaithful again tell her that you can't trust her again. Their are many other girls out there who would love such a caring boyfriend.

    I hope this helps :)

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    Of coarse you will possibly fairly in case you relatively had thoughts for her. Idk only fist fights in case you somebody substitute into attempting to thieve her or harm her sometime. I mean you would be able to desire to stick up to your woman and she or he'll finally end up loving and being concerned approximately you much greater

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    NO ONE is worth fighting for, or over for that matter. *

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