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Newbie Saltwater Tank?


I just started a biocube 29gal tank and added sand, salt and live rock and let run for two weeks. Also added live bacteria, I cant recall the product right now. Well I am very confused about how to maintain a saltwater tank, it seems like a lot of work but I am up to it. Just so many products out there and so many equipment that I dont know what is best for me. I have a bio cube protein skinner and a uv sterilizer. I also added 2 damsel fish, and 2 snails.Well what I want to know is what products are good to use? Such as chemicals, and test kits. I dont want to be buying a lot of products, just if you can tell me all that I would ever need? I hope you are able to help me out, thanks so much!


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    get rid of the damsels before it gets any harder to get them out of the tank.

    choose the minimum amount of fish and the smallest fish.

    make sure you have tons of water flow all around the tank, if you don't, add pumps/wavemakers

    25 times the tank volume is a good amount in total flow from all your pumps, (not counting the skimmer which doesn't count)

    learn how to use alkalinity, calcium and nitrate tests to help you adjust the amount of buffer, calcium and water changes.

    you will need a reef supplement of some sort as well

    buy only the hardiest corals, like zooanthids and small mushrooms

    don't buy an anemone

    be patient, add a few pieces of live rock in the next month and then start adding a fish and a few corals when the nitrates are lower than 5ppm, you may need to do a few water changes.

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    Test kits are test kits if you ask me but I use the Saltwater Master Liquid Test Kit, pretty easy to use.

    Seachem are GREAT products the PARAGUARD is awsome for sick fish! Paraguard has CURED everything that I have come across, ich, pop eye, anything!! Easy to use and not a copper product

    For your live rock use Kent Marine Purple Tech, it worked better than Purple up

    Soak your food in selcon or Zoe marine. lots of food soak products with Vitamin C and garlic substitutes

    If you want and if it fits use Chemi clean ELITE for your filter, the Chemi clean was not that great for me in my Saltwater tank but the ELITE was awesome

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    Find a GOOD petstore that has salt water tanks. Someone there should be able to help you.

    Good luck! Salt water tanks are very cool, and worth the trouble once you get them up and running.

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