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what is wrong with my dog?

he is a 2 year old parsons russell terrier, extremely high energy level, but not he wont do much but lay around. this all started 2 days ago after i gave him a flea bath. he hasnt pooped since and wont eat anything. ive tried dry food, wet food, various human foods, and pedialite. now i know everyone says take him to the vet and i will, but its sunday and theres no place open even remotely close to my area. please respond with any advice you may have, all help is appreciated.

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    This is your pet. Take him to a vet. No matter how far away. Better safe than sorry. He can't keep starving. Take him on a walk to get moving. And keep trying to feed him.

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    Not sure where you live, but most ( not all Petsmarts ) Have a Banfield pet hospital and they are usually open on sundays at most locations. I would personally bath him again in Regular dog shampoo to remove any residue of the flea and tick shampoo more than likely he is having a allergic reaction to the ingrediants in the shampoo. I would take the shampoo u used too the vet when you go so they can see the ingrediants in it and i would talk to your vet about other methods of flea control that are safer. A great deal of flea and tick shampoos use basically pesticides in there base formula that dogs can have reactions to , i would personally recommend researching the product that you have to see online what other experiances have been, hartz and bio spot and sergents have had alot of complaints of bad reactions to shampoos and topical solutions

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    Take him to the vet it sounds like it may have given him an allergic reaction it's better to give them a monthly flea dose my dog get advantage multi it's flea and heartworm medicine together it works great too but I'd find a 24 hour vet try force feeding just make sure he's drinking if he's not drinking you'll have to force him he can go longer without food than he can without water

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    take him to the vet, even if it's really far away. there should be a 24 hour emergency vet clinic some where. if you absolutely positively cannot do that, then make him as comfortable as possible. you have to get some food in him. make him so eggs or something. what flee shampoo did u use???? some of the ingredients could have given him a bad reaction. you won't be able to tell if its fatal or not until you take him to a vet.

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