Can somebody PLEASE write me a good summary of Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare?!?!?

I read the book over a year ago and now want to read Clockwork Prince, the sequel. But i don't want to have to re-read the Clockwork Angel before. i think that if i got a good summary including the ending, that i would remember. Thanks! :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Tessa Gray goes to London, desperately in search for her older brother who had left them years before. Her aunt has died, and following only a letter she thinks he wrote, she falls into a trap where the dark sisters take her and train her powers. This is when Will, the shadowhunter, comes around following a clue for finding the murderer of a girl he found. He ends up at the place where Tessa is kept and rescues her.

    At the institute, Tessa learns about her being a Warlock with no marks. There is more about murders, and they follow a lead to a party with Tessa disguised as the vampire Camille. At the party, disaster strikes and Tessa finds her brother.

    She brings him to the institute and they take care of him. One night Tessa and Jem are out and are attacked by mechanics.

    After a few days (i think) Jem and Will go out and find and destroy the magnister and all the stuff, thinking the dark sisters are behind this. They fall into another trap. Tessa, Sophie, and the others are at the institute when they are attacked. They find out that her brother is a spy.

    Just when the magnister is about to do something to Tessa, she changes into a bloody body. Will comes in shocked and the magnister disappeared.

    On the balcony afterwards, Will made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her, saying that Warlocks could not have children. Heartbroken, Tessa talks to Jem at the end in the library.

    Source(s): my own memory (srry if the summary sucks) You should RE-READ it im serious this might be the only book id actually not mind re-reading :P
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