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Is there any case where a black can charged with a so called "Hate Crime" against a White person?

Over 95% of ALL interracial crime is black on White and hardly any blacks are charged with a "hate crime", even though as beating the White person they scream "Beat Whitey and lets kill the Honky". The courts have to ponder over if to charge the blacks with a so called "hate crime". I say make EVERY crime of one race against another race an automatic so called "Hate Crime". Think Eric Holder, Jesse and Al would buy that that law? No, not a rant, just asking for opinions and answers.

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    Well, other than this getting banned for hate speech, here's my input...


    This is a racist law, like most. Only the most ignorant don't understand that it isn't about protection, but about keeping the racial hatred going between the two races.

    Since the un-Civil War, Washington has worked hard to keep that war going. Stereotyping of Blacks into drug dealers has worked wonders at making them hate all whites (well, except white women who serve a purpose). The police automatically target Blacks in most crimes, and only the weakest of evidence is needed for a conviction, is mostly white courts with Blacks who are wanna-be whites. In fact, even Blacks are divided between "good" and "bad" over this, as they don't want to be associated with the other class. How often are gang members judged by their peers in a gang, and not upper class non-criminal Blacks, or whites?

    The "hate crime" line works on two levels. First, it makes younger Blacks, who are still impressionable, feel that the government likes them and protects them. All this changes when they get older, but... Then, it also works to keep the whites, the targeted group, hating Blacks for this non-crime. Thus, it keeps the groups divided up (so no unity is possible against the government) and aids in controlling them.

    If a white wants to ban Hip Hop, over violence lyrics or whatever, it's a Hate Crime. But, if a Black wants to ban Country for the same thing, it will fly. This fails, however, when the police and government attack performers like Ice-T for his lyrics in Cop Killer, and others, because they can argue protection and overrule their own laws. By the way, if you listen to Ice-T's message, he clearly states what is behind such violence to the police, but they choose to ignore this and seek to charge him for crimes he didn't do, or admit to, but only sang about.

    Blacks are equally as racist as whites. Sorry Uncle Sam, but I've been around them, and you haven't. Even Obama isn't Black, he's only half-n-half, from Kenya. He has no idea what it is to be Black or White in the US. Only what it takes to save his sorry butt from threats for him to "play ball." He even allows his illegal relatives to stay, for National Security Reasons, where most illegals are thrown to the wolves no matter who they are related to.

    This "race war" has been going on since before 1861. The North had slaves, and had more than a few racists who wanted them dead. Even Lincoln wanted them gone, and he didn't' care how. Today, they still don't. But, this Nation is made up of POOR whites AND Blacks, with very few rich jerks to pass laws and be racist in their own homes. A few wire-taps and bugs would put most, if not all, of the government out on racial charges. But, to keep this from happening, they (government) have kept most of the whites and Blacks at odds, and plan to do this until they are forced to change (or flee), as the Nazi Leaders they took their leads from had to do).

    Check most of your state's laws, and the Federal ones, and see if you can't find racial links in them. Affirmative Action is just another of them. Last count, for me, most of the drug laws were this way too.

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    Its a common misconception that "hate crimes" or racism is often only directed towards black people. Racism is discrimination against any race, not only african americans. And in most cases, although it may not seem like it or you may not hear about it, other races are charged with hate crimes against white people or any other race for that matters, if there is sufficient evidence provided. If not charged with a hate crime, they will most certainly be charged with another offence, such as assault if one were to beat another person up. However, for someone to be charged with a hate crime, the court must provide enough evidence to prove that the person was "attacked" because of their race, which can either be difficult to prove or very easily depending on their situation.

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    Sweetie, (almost) every rape is a hate crime in the USA also. Hatred for whatever the victim is/was such a female, or gay, whatever. But objective justice is no longer what the USA is about.

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    Basically no, according to liberals non European or people of European origin are the only ones that can be racist.And their influence on wider society has led to that ridiculous idea becoming a cultural norm. And white guys being demonized whereas non whites are excused from whatever they do.

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    Or we could just put them in jail like we normally do. That works for me.

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