Opinion: Do you think that awareness should be raised when it comes to Tourette's syndrome?

I know that the condition is not really deadly and that only a few people in the world actually have it but do you, in your own opinion, believe that awareness about it should be raised? Should there be fund raisers or even a day devoted to it (i.e. National Tourette's Awareness Day)?

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    9 years ago
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    Actually, between 1 and 10 people per 1000 have tourette syndrome, so that's a lot of people!

    I agree that there should be more awareness, but with that being said, there's quite a bit being done already. The tourette syndrome association do loads of work to raise awareness and provide support for families and individuals affected by TS.

    There's also a tourette syndrome awareness month :)

    But there's still a lot to be done - most people don't know what tourette syndrome is. Loads of people have heard of it before, but most people just think that it's some weird disorder that makes you swear a lot - where in reality only 5% of people with tourette's swear (coprolalia is the medical term).

    Source(s): I'm 16 and I have tourette's
  • 9 years ago

    There are already several fund raisers for tourettes.. There's also a National Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month on May 15th-June 15th.

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    9 years ago


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