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I have an idea that involves magnets. When I ran this idea by my buddy who is an engineer, he stated it is a multi-million if not billion dollar idea that would revolutionize the energy distribution across the world, is the greenest idea, ever discovered. I have three problems, tho. I am afraid to ask for assistance from someone I do not know as I am afraid this idea will be stolen. Also, I do not have the finances to sponsor the production of a prototype, and two... it involves magnets. I understand that anything that uses magnets cannot be patented due to some company owning all the rights to magnetic usage? Can someone help me on the proper steps to take to produce this item on a prototype scale, how I could get financing for this idea, and is it true I cannot utilize magnets in a patent???

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    9 years ago
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    Do you know about the Provisional Patent Application? It only costs $125 and was designed by Congress to give individual inventors a chance at bringing their inventive ideas to market easily. It is SUPER EASY to do..

    To see the top 10 reasons to file a Provisional Patent Application please watch the second video in this blog.

    If a provisional patent application looks like the right thing for you to do then take a look at another website that shows EXACTLY how to file one using a video format.

    If you need to know how to get your product sold on TV or to Costco, or Home Depot, or Target and the like then you might also enjoy reading this information by the Ginsu Knife guy! It is pretty cool. He gives you all his contacts and personal email!

    Of course you could ALSO just go to the US Patent Office and figure out how to file a patent yourself. Here is the link..

    The flow chart there is pretty nice to give you an idea how to do what you want to do!

    Their patent search is hard to use and you need special programs to look at the patents… Instead, consider using Google Patent Search!

    Here is how you can use Google Patent Search to search for an "Oscillating inertial microbalance"

    Just type the term you want to search for in the search box. Play with MANY variants of your inventive idea.

    Also, for a more global patent search look here:

    Remember... Patents are MOSTLY "Improvements" on other inventions.. So, while you may see something SIMILAR to your inventive idea it does not mean that you cannot patent your IMPROVEMENT.. Example... A tire is an IMPROVEMENT on a wagon wheel. A radial biased ply tire is an IMPROVEMENT on a non radial biased tire. There are over 10,000 patents on tires... Nearly every single one is an improvement!

    And… a special gift for you is a sample Non Disclosure (also called an NDA) that you would have folks sign when you show them your inventive idea. You can change it up and use others but if you have NOTHING now it is a very good start written by my lawyer who charged me a TON for it!

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    thats pretty strange since i also invented a device that runs on

    I have never heard of any company being able to aquire a patent for magnets, maybe a method for making magnets, but not the object itself, magnets occure in nature so that would be comparible to getting a patent on the sun or salt water from the atlantic.

    as for assistance for developing it and forward, im not sure i know the answer to that, im stuck on the same thing.

    although i can say that financing is mandatory if you want to patent it, which is highly suggested. that you seek grants from the govenrment, this is the part where i am stuck since, a grant from the government on this requires a ton of paperwork and finding the paperwork yourself, its online, but you have to dig through dozens of pages to find even a LIST of these grant applications, then you have something like 7 different organizations to file it to, and in a very particular order. plus, they take your education and pryor achievments into account, so say your a member of MENSA. your probably in like flynn, if your like me and your just a guy with a great idea but no money or masters degree, they will probably decline it.

    what i suggest you do atm is, go to a notary (sorta like a lawyer just for contracts and stamping)

    make a blueprint with all the nessisary elements in it like parts, how it works,, extra notes etc. take that to the notary, and have them stamp those pages and seal an extra copy thats stamped etc, and keep that sealed copy with you, in the event that someone DID steal your idea, you can take them to court and that sealed copy would be proof you had the idea and were seeking patent approval for it long before the other guy SAYS he had it.

    i wish i could give you more ideas on it, but like i said im stuck aswell on my idea, and sofar as i have found it would be increadibly expensive to get a patent for mine since it deals with the department of energy and would require a patent clerk come to my town to inspect the working model first hand to verify it actualy exists...and im just as paranoid as you about theives so im kinda iffy about putting it all on paper etc myself.

    but if its worth it, its worth it.

    they say theres a risk of the idea being stolen when you apply for a patent, but the paperwork submited would be proof enough, backed up by the sealed and notarized copies so.. go for it if you know itl work.

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