Is this apology letter well written?

Background: I like this guy,16, and I'm 14 and well we sorta had a huge fight and we haven't spoken for a week and a half already. And I think I like him so I kinda miss talking to him.

Is this apology letter going to cut it? What should I add or remove? :

Hey. Rob. Listen. I'm really sorry about saying all that about you. I over reacted and I feel like a complete *** because of that. Your future is yours and i have no right on criticizing it. And I just really got annoyed when you told me that I acted as if we were in a relationship because I wasn't going for that. An don't think I've forgotten about this 'fight' because it has been in my mind ever since. Now, I don't expect you to forgive me right away, I just wanted to come clean. They say that the threads of friendship can never break, and I think that's true, but I hope they won't for now. You're just an awesome guy that I hope we can be friends for a lifetime. Honestly, I miss talking to you because you've always made my day brighter than then the one before. I hope you forgive me.

-your friend (hopefully), 


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    9 years ago
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    It sounds good, a little sappy at the end with the "threads of friendship" and and "made my day brighter than the one before" and it could use a little editing. But, if you don't mind being a bit poetic and sappy, then it sounds great. I think he'll really see that you feel bad about what happened.

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    Yours is very good, read mine!

    I'm sorry Savvanah for throwing stuff and calling y'all names it's just that for the past 3 weeks y'all have been following me and my friends around and saying stuff like 'Why do you even try or Were better than you' you know what that maybe true but keep it to yourself don't share it and you know what Summer is not going to try out for being a chapin cheerleader anymore because she's sick of y'all and y'all s little posse prancing around and stalking us so thanks for everything but one thing first what would your mother say about all of this and you know what me and my friends were having a hard time right now were stressed okay some please I'm begging you back off.

       Deepest regrets,


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  • 9 years ago

    I think justins right. You've done what you can, and tried to clean up the mess. Leave it be.

  • 9 years ago

    It's not up to others or me but I think youle be okay he may accept it but may not it's life

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  • 9 years ago

    I thinks thats really good. don't forget to actually apologize to him in person.

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