When meeting someone, how do you make it not awkward?

What stuff do you talk about

What to do

Where to go

It's not necessarily a date

It's to begin a friendship

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Well why not just go to a movie?

    I always find it easier when meeting someone to go to a movie because it doesn't make it that awkward because you have to be quiet in a movie theater. And afterwards you can talk about the movie and than conversation will flow from their.

    I find that when I see a movie I can talk about the movie than ask them a question like

    - well what do youlike to do do? What music are you into? What t.v shows do you watch?

    Get to know what they like and in turn they can get to know what you like.

    And going to a movie is not necessarily a date just say you've been dying to see this movie and if they want to come with you (:

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Be yourself and not someone you're not. You can talk about school, hobbies, interests, your family, etc just to name a few. As far as hanging out you can go anywhere like a place where you can sit down and chill and eat. Me and my friend usually go at each other's house or have lunch somewhere.

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