Windows Media Player 11 songs lost?

I am the administrator and I shared Media 11 with a limited user. Since then half of my music is missing from my main file and are in the all users file. When I click on the library folder two folders open, my account and the other users account which has 400 more song in it that are in my folder. Is there anyway to sync? I can't just switch off share because where would those 400 songs go?

Using XP

Would be so, so, grateful to the person who can get all my music back in my folder than I will turn off share.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    maybe you or the limited user moved the file that the music was in. if they were MP3's, go into the search window on you computer and search for '*.mp3' . look for the songs there, and re drag-n-drop them into windows media player. Also, WMP is a pain in the A** sometimes, i'd recommend iTunes :)

    Source(s): personal experience :)
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