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How To Transfer Steam Account?

So I forgot my email for steam and then re-found it... but now steam won't let me log in to my account without knowing the CD key from my email... but here's the thing, it won't let me put it in, how do I find the CD key verification? first person to answer what I'm looking for gets best answer and also will get free runescape account that logs in with username (not email) so leave email so i can email you the account and a a big thanks :]

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    They emailed it to you when you signed up. Search "steam" in your email inbox and find that email, check junk too (hopefully you didn't delete it, if you did, there's still hope if you didn't delete it in your trash folder).

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    They ask you to write your ticket number (of the ticket you sent to Steam support) above the CD key on the game box or game manual and take a picture of it and send it them.

    That is how they verify that you are in fact the owner of the account.

    There should be a link in the email they sent you where you can view the ticket. The ticket number will also be in the subject line of the email.

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