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Christmas Gift Ideas for a 12 year old girl?

I need ideas for a 12 year old pre teen girl. I want her to have something under the christmas tree that she can rip open insted of finding small cards with money or giftcards inside.She has a brother and I hate seeing her unhappy as her 7 year old brother opens many toys. HELP!

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    Here are some potential ideas:

    - Clothes

    - Accessories

    - Shoes

    - A bean bag chair or one of those giant pillows

    - Sports equipment if she plays a sport

    - Lip gloss/lip balm

    - Body spray

    - Hair accessories

    - Video games if she plays them

    - Jig Saw puzzle

    - Art supplies/an Art Kit

    - a musical instrument, music books, and lessons if she's into music and/or really wants to learn to play a certain instrument

    - Books

    - Diary and colorful pens/markers

    - Purse, book bag, or tote bag

    - a Snuggie or bathrobe

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    How about Perplexus? It's an amazing 3D maze game that kids of all ages love! It's won tons of awards from parents and toy organizations, so it would be a great choice. Not expensive and you can order online from the site below -- watch the video to see what it is and how it works. It's very addictive - even to adults! There are 3 versions, Rookie (for younger kids), Original and Epic (a bit harder than original). I would go with Original for her, or even Epic if she's really good at solving puzzles. Tons of fun, and she will love it. Very unique - I bet none of her friends has it! But once they see it they'll want one too! Good luck.

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    If she doesn’t have a cell phone yet, you can buy her a starter cell phone. The Just5 Easyphone is a good example of it. It is easy to use and has very simple but practical features. It actually has a built-in emergency response system so it can also be very helpful in enhancing her safety, especially now that she’s starting to do things by her own at her age.

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    Belt buckle



    New shoes ( converse, sperrys, vans)

    A jacket




    Disney stuff


    Gift cards

    Stuff from Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, american eagle


    Curling Iron or straightner

    Camo stuff ( if you like that stuff)


    Concert tickets

    Perfume- I like the PINK or Justin bieber

    Crackle nail polish

    Veara Bradley wallet


    room accessories


    Bath and Body Works stuff

    iTunes gift card

    hope this helps!(:

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    Hair Feathers? Teenage girls are pretty into hair feather extensions, also Feather Hair Clips.. anything feathers really... I sell feather Accessories of all kinds at very affordable prices, and any purchases made get mail the same day. If you interested, you can find me here..

    Goodluck with your search, hopefully that helps :)

  • 9 years ago That is safe for about ages 8-14 and you can buy them at stores that is just a example

    How about some stuffed animals

    That is cute

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    How about fashion designer sets with dolls you can get, something a little older and different (:

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