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Condom broke!! Help?!?

I'm 13 years old.. I had sex with my boyfriend I've had for 1 year now. My mom knows we have had sex. I know I'm too young, I don't need a lecture. I just need help. The day mu period ended, we had sex and the condom popped! He pulled it out and the tip had came off. He hadn't cummed. But I'm scared about precum because we felt the condom and it felt wet. But it could have been the lubercrint on the condom. I'm only 13! What should I do? Am I pregnant?!

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    I swear, you are the dumbest person i have ever met. Your boyfriend too. And your parents as well. they let you guys do that! That is the worst parenting ever! Have fun on teen mom. (sarcasm) I am disgusted with you. Your parents are disgusting that they let you do that! Now you will have to face the consequences. You WILL raise that child. I am disgusted and so is Jesus Christ and the Lord. If you get an abortion you will go to hell. I swear. God will not let you through the golden gates if you do that. He may not even forgive you now. You better read the Bible and pray like hell. You are very unintelligent and stupid. You are clearly a dolt and very rapacious of God's gift. I cannot even believe this. You are as dumb as a sack of hammers. Your parents suck too! Get them to read my answer to this question. let them read it! You,your parents,and your boy friend are all dumb. I am not sinning i am preaching for the lord until he returns at the end of time.

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    No, you're not pregnant. You only ovulate 14 days after the 1st day of your period so you're good. For example, if you started your period on December 1st then you will ovulate on the 14th and you could be at risk of getting pregnant starting the 11th to the 14th.

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    It might have been the lubercrint from the condom or your ***. If he said he didn't *** yet. But it's always good to go get check just in case.

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    Calm down, calm down! I'm 13 too..... I'm still a virgin, but I understand. I'd be scared too. Take the day after pill if you want some advice......

    It probably was the lubricant on the condom. I think your fine, but if you miss your period..... Your f****d

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    Buy stronger condoms and get on bc

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