I ran into a little bit of trouble with the police, and am confused!?

Nothing big, just really confused and would appreciate any comments on the topic or give any suggestions.

Pretty much what happened was that I had a pretty rough weekend. Finals are coming up and between Friday and today I have worked about 31 hours. I was in a horrible mood so decided to stop at a walking park around the corner from my house after work today. Hence it was dark, but I needed to recoop for just five minutes before I came home frustrated and spazing to my family. So I was walking around my car just trying to get some fresh air and a police officer pulls into the park. He comes up and I was really calm, but I explain to him why Im there and then ask if it was ok. Im not too farmiliar with the park, and he said no and aksed for my licence. I appoligized and said I would leave, that it was it was no big deal I just needed a minute to breathe. He went into his car, did some stuff, than came back out with my licence and a pad of paper. He asked for my number and where I was coming from, and then said have a good night and we both got in our cars and drove away.

So now Im just confused. I talked to some of my friends, and my one friend said that if he was going to give me a ticket or arrest me he would have done it on the spot (some places around my area will arrest if your in certain parks after dark) so im not worried about that. But my other friend said that police have 24 hours to take into account on what happened and possible call you in for questioning. Im just really confused and alittle worried because its not like I have a record or anything, but in the same sence I didnt really get any closure on the situation which I think is whats bugging me. He never said its ok, your ok, or everything checked out your good to go or anything like that. I have only been really in "trouble" with the cops once, and that was because I was following a friend home and he thought I was tailgating him. So I guess the main question is should I be worried or should I just let it go?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You should NOT be worried. The officer did a quick check to insure you had no outstanding warrants, completed a field interview card (which shows he talked to you), and made sure you were okay!

    I would definitely NOT worry about anything happening over this!

    Source(s): Police Officer +30 years
  • belva
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    4 years ago

    TRC §547.501. AUDIBLE warning contraptions. (a) A motorized vehicle would be geared up with a horn in reliable working difficulty that emits a valid audible decrease than primary situations at a distance of a minimum of 200 ft. (b) A vehicle won't be geared up with and someone won't use on a vehicle a siren, whistle, or bell till the vehicle is: (a million) a commercial vehicle it is provided with a theft alarm sign device arranged so as that the device can't be used as a normal warning sign; or (2) an approved emergency vehicle it is provided with a siren, whistle, or bell that complies with area 547.702. (c) A motorized vehicle operator shall use a horn to furnish audible warning basically whilst necessary to insure secure operation. (d) A warning device, inclusive of a horn, won't emit an unreasonably loud or harsh sound or a whistle. a private protection GAURD (against the regulation prevention officer means no longer something) does no longer perform an emergency vehicle. If the vehicle is operated on a public roadway, with a siren geared up (it does no longer might desire to be became on) then you particularly can get in worry. If the DPS investigator stops to ascertain you out an dsees you have a siren, or unlawful lights, you get in worry. a protection gaurd, inner maximum invesigator, or physique gaurd, has the top same arest powers as the different civilian (and your no longer a police officer, or a regulation enforcement officer, your a protection gaurd) that's stated as voters arrest. I heavily doubt you have ever had to 'draw down' on a 'suspect'. i will enable you already know tht whilst ever a protection gaurd tries to give up me, I merely wlak orpersistent faraway from them and the valuables they are one. You seem to have a great wanna be complicated. Thats frightening. your superb wager is to place an amber mild on the roof of your organization vehicle, and bypass away it on jointly as on submit.

  • Randy
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    9 years ago

    Nothing is going to come of it. All the officer did was a check on an individual that was somewhere he normally was not supposed to be. He checked you out and let you go on your way. On the other hand he made note of your particulars so that IF something comes up in the neighborhood that isn't normal and he has to try to locate an individual may happen to match your description and who MAY have done something then he knows who he was talking to and who to check into.

  • 9 years ago

    You aren't in trouble, he was just making sure you weren't dealing drugs or something

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