Am i bi-sexual......?

i think im more like bi-curious. idk.. because i cant really tell if im attracted to girls or not but sometimes i think they are like really pretty.. not nessacarly hot or anything but yeah. i do get jealous of girls easily tho. and i always look at their butts alot... yeah that is kinda creepy but its true. so do you think im bi-sexual?

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    9 years ago
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    Do you actually want to have a serious romantic relationship with a girl, or is it just sex based? If its just sexual curiosity I doubt you're bisexual

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hi hun, ok first would you like a romantic relationship with a woman? or just a relationship at all? your brain is probably trying to make you consider trying girl because it perks your interest right now, i had a friend who thought he was gay but as soon as he had a reltionship with a guy he realized he wasent.... you should give it a try though :) Let me tell you girlfriends are much easier than boyfriends....

    Source(s): Me in a happy bi relationship with my gf~
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