Anyone know any poems with a theme similar to "If" by Rudyard Kipling?

Poems about parents giving their children advice.

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    9 years ago
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    by Manas Barpande


    Mistakes Of My Life

    I made a million mistakes

    All through these years,

    Still regretting for them

    My eyes are full of tears..,

    Doing everything as per my choice,

    Now i understand, what mistake i did,

    When everyone take me as a despise.

    I know i was stupid, I

    made many wrong decisions

    But, i just want to know one thing,

    Why the hell, people played with my emotions? ?

    I know ignoring my friends was wrong,

    But, my concern for them is still the same

    Whom to trust and whom to not

    Everyone here is playing a game! ! !

    I took crucial decisions of my life, keeping her in mind

    But, it was my mistake, as all my efforts went in vain.

    She was in my arms, crying for someone else,

    My heart was broken, and I was full of pain.

    Forgetting her was not easy, I know,

    As i tried a number of time,

    Now, when i'm totally shattered, I think,

    Was, loving someone truly, a crime? ?

    As i travel through my memories,

    There is nothing much for me to say

    After committing so many mistakes,

    I feel so lonely, lost on my way.

    But, From all these mistakes, I

    have learnt one thing that,

    For surviving in this world, believing ourselves is must,

    Because noone present here, deserves our trust.....


    Manas Barpande

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