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Why do I still miss my Dog Wishbone that passed away this year & Why do I still miss him?

I've been thinking of him like everyday and I dream about him like every night and he's not with us any more and it doesn't feel same without him here with us and giving us company and it's feels empty that's he not with us and he died on September 21 2011 the day after my birthday that's when he died and it was very sad to me and to the rest of the family and we have so much memories of him and it's very sad to me & my mom and we both miss him badly and it hurts to and it really does hurt really badly and the house feels empty without him here .

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    Im so sorry for your loss. It can be extremely painful to loose a pet. I have lost several and i too lost my sweet Chelsea (miniature Schnauzer) A few months ago. i still cry about it sometimes because she was my childhood dog and it was one of the things that could bring me back to those happy memories of playing with her outside. I am a veterinary technician and we have some clients that have to join a local pet loss support group because animals are more than just pets they are our family members, our brothers/sisters, our children, and our best friends.

    We all have dealt with the sadness of our losing our girl in our own ways. My mother even made a memory garden for her with yellow flowers and a stone with a paw on it to truly put the feelings to rest. I found it extremely helpful to visit something called a virtual pet cemetery to say good bye to them in your own words.

    No dog will ever replace your Wishbone and right now it may be too soon, but in time you may want to consider adopting another dog. Wishbone would have wanted for your family to always love and care for dogs the way you did for him for life.

    You might find it helpful to write in a journal about the dreams and feeling you are having. Or make a memory book of your lost pet. There are many different ways to deal with the loss of a pet but only time can heal the sadness. And remember it was a very recent loss, so you are thinking about it more often. Each day it will get better. I'm unsure how he passed but try to remember your friend is pain free now and running around heaven in his best years with you.

    Take each day at a time. Good luck and i am truly sorry.

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    Well he only died a few months ago. Naturally, you are going to still miss him.

    Different people miss loved ones (incl pets) in different ways. Some people don't outwardly display their grief. Others get over it quickly. Some of your family may not have loved him as much as you did.

    But it is important, if you are having trouble getting over someone who has passed away, that you just let yourself grieve. Cry out loud. Talk about him. Really get it out of your system and don't bottle it up. You will know when you are tired of going on about it. Then it means that you are healing. If no-one else wants to hear you going on, then talk to yourself, go for a walk, sit in the garden and cry. Whatever you have to do.

    Don't replace him until you feel ready.

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    It does hurt. And it will for a long time. But, your still with him. At night talk to him. Thinking of him and, dreaming of him are a miracle. It's showing that he misses you and is showing you it's okay and you'll be together again. You still miss him because he passed away recently. It's only been 4 months. That is really short!!! He will always be a part of your family. And he will always be missed. It's not a bad thing that your still thinking of him. You'll always be with him no matter what.

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    My dog was put to sleep 2009 and i still think about him daily your not going to forget your canine family member he was a huge part of your life .

    Remember the good times you had with your dog and keep his memory alive ,there is no set time to feel better ,i feel your pain ,but it does get better and you can actually start thinking about your dog and more of the happy memory's you had will over shadow his passing .

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    Its natural to miss a dog that is away from you or has passed on, especially if they were very close. Dogs are part of family :) But im sorry for your loss

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