Had my first kiss with this guy...where does this leave us?

(This is one of the long questions, but bear with me.)

I met this guy, Ethan (for the purposes of this story), back in sixth grade and started liking him in seventh and throughout all of eighth. Apparently he'd started liking me since somewhere in seventh, but I found this out by the end of our eight grade year, which was too late, since he would go to a different school. He asked me to the dance, and we almost kissed.

Ethan had never “asked me out” so we weren't “officially” dating, though he said if anyone asked, he would say we went out. We texted all summer. Come September, he asked if I liked anyone, and I supposed we weren't anything to each other anymore. Soon enough I was over Ethan, and started liking other guys. Recently I started liking a guy from the school he goes to, whom I met through hanging out.

(Also, let me add Ethan never hangs out, and the first time I saw him in six months was last Tuesday.)

Last Tuesday was a minimum day for me, so I visited the other high school to hang out with the guy I like and some other friends. That same day Ethan and I kissed. It was both of our first kisses. I went home completely confused because I thought we were over each other. He figured that we're only “dating” when we see each other, and jokingly texted “We're so faithful”.

My feelings for Ethan sort of reemerged, but I have no problems liking other guys. I don't know if he liked other people, but I figure he probably has. Anyway, I kind of want to see him on the next minimum day.

Where does this leave us? Y!A, any opinions on this? Advice?

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  • 9 years ago
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    young love how sweet

  • 9 years ago

    haha awhh thats cutee and just talk to himm (: if u like eachotherr u should totally go outt!

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