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Are zombies real I am just wondering?

I ask bc some ppl say yes and I say no I hope they are not real hope someone can answer my question

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    Kind of.

    Zombies in Voodoo where paralyzed into a death like trance through "Zombie Powder", and then when the doctor pronounced him dead and buried him, he was dug up and used to work on plantionion in a trance through another drug.

    Zombies, like in Night of the Living Dead? No.

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    Zombies, like the ones on 'Night of the Living Dead' or 'The Walking Dead' are not real. In the very old movies about zombies, you often see a trace of truth.

    In the jungles of the Caribbean, voodoo practitioners used to drug and hypnotize living victims and compel them to carry out different tasks, usually of a malicious nature. These poor people would endure some harsh things in order to carry out their assignments; in time, they would start to look pretty ragged. And after a while, some would see them as if they were dead and walking.

    Eventually, the body would just give out and die, but they were never 'walking dead'.

    Source(s): I am a shamanistic priest, and I've had a little education in these matters.
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    I dont know if they've previously existed but they are scientifically possible, a human who contracts a disease in which the entire body is numb, hence you have to hit them in the head to kill them, and a form of rabies that makes the person see other people as a food source, hence eating people and the bites could turn people into other zombies by contracting the disease, just like rabies

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    Yeh they are real but only appear in the night so be sure to hang 1 onion around ur neck before sleeping. they wont lay a finger on ya! -.-

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    Well zombies are very real entities, But they are nothing like the zombies that you see in a movie or read about in a book.............................

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