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why do girls like bad guys?please reply?

ok i noticed yesterday that my cousin and my friend were staring and this buff guys working out and i always see girls looking at those kinda guys i never see a girl look a smart educated guy and yet they say ohh i want a nice guy blah blah but when it comes right down to it they always like these types of guys who get into trouble,break the law and act like jerks to them but when they get broken hearted and say where are all the nice guys?and the nice guy says iam right in front of you and the girl says ummm your like a brother to me that would be gross why do girls like bad guys?why not go for the nice sweatheart so girls like being treated bad?is that it?


haha proves women are pretty shallow if they want a jerk that looks good but acts like an idoit

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    Im an 18 year old girl, and I cant stand bad boys, they are total retards :P. I like exactly the opposite of what you have just said. I like smart and educated boys that treat me right. I do see where you are coming from, and I agree that it happens far, far too much, but what I have come down to is that they are just idiots hahaha. I just want you to know that not all girls are like that :) Yes, there are a lot, but not all. I think a lot of girls believe that with a bad boy, comes protection, which is waaaay off!!! as far as I have seen, a girl that falls for a bad boy usually ends up single and pregnant or hurt some way. But, if you have issues with girls doing that to you, find other girls to spend time with. Those girls obviously have a bit of maturing to do, but just know that its not your problem. Its theirs, because at the end of the day, who will come out on top? the educated and caring guys wife? Or the single mother who fell for a bad boy? :P :P :P

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    Depends on the girl. Some like the abuse they get, he ignores her she gets more attached to him. Most girls look at nice guys as clingy. But then again there are girls out there that value inteligent nice sweetheart guys

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    umm well i don't really go for guys who treat me badly..but i do like the down for anything kind of guys. nice guys just aren't really like damn i wanna **** you. lol they're more like aww i wanna cuddle with you

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