What is good ps3 memory for an average gamer?

ok so i have an xbox and i love it but i see a few games i want but there for only ps3 i was wondering what is a good ps3 bundle to start with...like idk how much memory is good for a ps3..

like there is a bundle for a 160 gb ps3...now 160 gb for an xbox is pretty good but idk if it is good for a ps3

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yeah 160 GB PS3 can hold a lot of game data. 120 would be enough and 250 would be too much. 160 GB can hold 30+ games so you should be good.

  • Dr.No
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    9 years ago

    160 is more than enough if you don't plan on downloading too many full games onto it. some newer retail games require a data install before playing, which can be around 5 gigs, but again, provided you're not playing that many games, 160 is enough.

  • 4 years ago

    nicely they are much less then a magabyte bute if u deploy them then it take like 4GB yet i think of which you will no longer run out of memory and besides if u do then u purely get a greater hardrive

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