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All about the befores and afters of wisdom teeth being cut out!!!?

how much should i eat tht night before?

where do they put the iv in at?

does the iv hurt?

whats the risk with asthma and the sleep medication?

how bad does it hurt. after on a scale 1-10?

what to eat after if it hurts bad?

should i practice starving my self befor surgery?

advil and stuff like that doesnt help ... grr

does it hurt to sleep on that side of your face after ?


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    **CALM DOWN****

    If you're getting an IV, NO food or water after 12 midnight. NOTHING by mouth.

    They usually put the IV in the back of your hand or in the vein at the crook of your elbow. The IV just hurts for a second, it's like getting a shot, but not as bad - more like a quick pinch. The asthma & sleep meds shouldn't interfere with anything, but make sure the oral surgeon knows about them.

    DO NOT practice starving yourself! You need to be in good shape for any surgery in order to heal properly.

    Eating afterwards - make sure you have some really soft, non-chewy foods around, like Cream of Wheat cereal. You probably will have a little trouble opening your mouth at first, so eat stuff that you can just slip in with a spoon. Get a bottle or 2 of Boost or Ensure, & maybe a couple of little jars of baby food. You might not need them, but it's always good to be prepared.

    You probably will need a little more than Advil, though it's hard to say - everyone's experience is different. The oral surgeon will discuss this with you; please tell him about any concerns you have regarding pain relief.

    Yes, you might be a little uncomfotable sleeping on that side of your face, because you will be swollen, but that is normal.

    OK - saved the best one for last: How much does it hurt? ---

    Everyone is different, every mouth is different. There are so many factors, like is it an upper or lower tooth? Is it impacted? If so, is it a bony impaction or a soft tissue impaction? Where are the roots in location to the canal that carries the nerve? Some people really have a minimum of discomfort, while other people have more.

    It is IMPERATIVE that you follow all the instructions you get regarding post-op care. Look them over before you leave the office, so you can ask questions that pop up.

    ******VERY IMPORTANT: the surgeon will tell you this, but it bears repeating & with some emphasis: DO NOT RINSE OR SPIT HARD, & DO NOT DO ANY SUCKING FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS AFTER. That means, no sipping through a straw, no smoking - NOTHING that is like sucking. You want to form a nice blood clot in the extraction site - that helps it heal more quickly. Sucking & hard rinsing/swishing will dislodge the blood clot and you could end up with something called a dry socket. That is VERY painful & you want to avoid it at all costs! Below is a link to instructions about how to avoid a dry socket. Please read it & ask your oral surgeon if you have any questions at all.

    You're gonna be ok! Really! Just don't rinse or suck & all will be fine!

    ***Good luck & relax*** It's never as bad as you think it will be!

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