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My friend has guy problems?

Her other friend said that Blake (the guy) liked her but she texted him and asked and he said quote.

" I don't REALLY like you"

Then she said

"why is really all caps"

And he said

"cuz I don't REALLY like you"

And she said

" but why is it in caps"

And he said

" why are you asking me so many questions"

And she said


Then he said


Then she said

"I gtg"

And he said

"why so early"

And she said

" I just gtg

And stopped texting him

What does this mean? Miranda (my friend) wants to know


They've went out b4 and she broke up with him

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    He was trying to make a point

  • shelly
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    9 years ago

    it means he does not like her in a gf or bf way and she should find someone else because clearly if he keeps saying i do not like you why you ask means he does not like her plain and simple.

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