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How do change my Grudge appearance?

Well, I'm Asian and short.

I'm extremely pale with medium length hair.

I wear my makeup like this girl: [link included here]

And some people tell me I look like the Grudge. To my face, or behind my back.

It doesn't happen everyday, some people think I'm pretty, sometimes I get hit on by some dudes but also, some people think I look like the Grudge. But whatever..

Is there any way to change my appearance so maybe I'll look like a normal Asian chick?

I'm so sick of being called the grudge. Seriously. Normally, nothing hits my self esteem but being talked about several times a month is really annoying and kind of hurtful.

Any kind of tips you guys can tell me?

Like makeup or something.

Oh and I dress really brightly so I have no idea why the hell people say I look like the grudge.


Oh I forgot to mention, my hair's like black. REALLY BLACK. D:

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    maybe use a bit less eyeliner and use a warm gold or champagne coloured shimmer eye shadow just to warm your eyes and use a blush that suits your skin tone. both of these will add colour to your face and brighten you up and if your hair comes over your face or eyes try pin or braid the front bits back.

    hope this helps!

  • nathan
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    9 years ago

    seriously the sooner you realize that people are morons mostly, the better off you are.

    You could try dressing really preppy, but i don't think that will work either, because generally people are idiots.

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