Can you post questions about Judaism in this section?

My previous question got deleted, however, it did not violate any of yahoo Q&A rules therefor I appealed the decision but now I'm starting to wonder that perhaps there is a rule that says you aren't allowed to...?


My question was "Why do Jews believe they're the chosen ones"? How is that racist? I was genuinely interested in knowing the answer because many do believe that due to History and their religion.

Update 2:

Ava & Dave . I went into an explanation and said that many (just like you Ava, remember when you asked about getting a nose job and how it's "Normal" in your religion. ? I do) get a nose job and do these things which is strange if they believe in their own superiority.

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    Of course you can. All religions and atheists as well can post here. I have no idea why your question was deleted.

    I had one of my questions deleted simply because I commented in my askers rating to the user who I awarded best answer to, and mistakenly assumed he was atheist. I thanked him and was not rude, but apparently he was NOT an atheist and so I offended him. It was a question btw intended for only Christians but a lot of atheists replied and were really rude. His was the kindest yet from what he answered I took it that he was atheist. My mistake. I appealed it and YA never replied back to me other than saying they got my appeal and I would hear from them shortly. That was about a month ago.

    edit: To answer your question. In Judaism, "chosenness" is the belief that the Jews are the Chosen People, chosen to be in a covenant with God. This idea is first found in the Torah (five books of Moses in the Bible) and is elaborated on in later books of the Hebrew Bible. Much is written about these topics in rabbinic literature. See link below for more.

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    Yeah, you can post questions about any religion here, including Judaism.

    And the answer is actually very simple. Every tribe/religion/cult believes they are the "chosen ones". Christians are "saved". Buddhists are "enlightened". Muslims are "submitting" in the only right way. And so on and so forth.

    In fact, the Hebrews were not even unique with this whole following a god thing, back in the days every tribe has its own gods and quite possibly each had one god it was especially "chosen" by. Some were Baal followers, Hebrews were El followers and so it went. The only unique thing is keeping at it for thousands of years straight.

    It's very similar to how the city Athens was favored by Athena. It just historically and traditionally was, and there were statues of Athena everywhere of course. It's a cycle - humans pick their gods and with time it becomes gods that pick humans.

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    Of course you can, it's the Religion and Spirituality section.

    However, if it violates the terms, such as being viewed as racist, or, if someone is just a report monkey, your question is done for.

  • Sometimes report monkeys get carried away.

    Salvation is from the Jews. They are still the Chosen ones. God's Covenant is forever as is the New Covenant with Christians.

    "There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church. ....As a matter of fact, if we Catholics believed all of the untruths and lies which were said against the Church, we probably would hate the Church a thousand times more than they do."

    -----Archbishop Sheen

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    Peace be with you

    <<<Devout Catholic>>>

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    And I think I saw that question. Here is how I answered it:

    "A conclusion drawn on behalf of all the actions of a few is biased, and bigoted. It fosters personal prejudice that we may unknowingly transmit to our children and others who are impressionable.

    We cannot know or conclude all things about everyone."

    (I think because of the way you worded it, it was probably construed as a rant.)

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    No there are some jerks known as report monkeys They report everyone just ask again make sure its a good question that applies to the section you are in. You are welcome here but you will have to put up with the atheists, pastafarians, and just about every other religion ever conceived by man or God.

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    you say


    I was genuinely interested in knowing the answer because many do believe that due to History and their religion.


    If you are genuinely interested, don't add the additional ignorant details. Would you respond if I asked that question about xtians? "I thought they were all redneck bigots because they only believe what their ignorant pappy tell's them"

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    Yes. " it did not violate any of yahoo Q&A rules " Yahoo! has never enforced it TOS properly on any of it services.

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    I read the last was stereotypical and racist. I dislike Jews for their support of Israel, but that is fact. Yours was just ignorant.

    "nd why do they think they're so special and can offend anyone and mock other religions but if anyone says anything about how sexist Judaism is then you get accused of being antisemitic.

    They're so proud of being Jewish yet they get nose surgery as soon as they're old enough to have one and dye their hair blond. It's like, if you're proud of who you are why are you so desperate to change it and conform?"

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