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Need Help, Exhaust Info Anyone?

I have a '98 ford Escort ZX2 Sport/Turbo model and I was wondering how much would it cost to put a straight pipe on it to make it really loud. And if anyone knows what kind of engine chip could increase hp and for how much?

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    there is a web site that will sell you a chip,just enter performance chips for?as far as the exhaust,you still need a muffler and a cat.but if they make one,you want flow masters for exhaust,and K.&.N.for cold air help performance by increasing the exhaust,you must also in crease the intake side,as in the cold air.i don't know if they offer these products for your car.go to their web sites and get the information you need.

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    A straight pipe from the engine back would cause a myriad of problems. First it would not pass smog inspection. Your sensors would be messed up with wrong signals. You could do this for off road use only. Contact a speed shop like Jeg's and see what chip they have for that vehicle.

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    it won't give that much of a hp gain beside bypassing the cat is illegal. you can reprogram the ECU if you did peformance improvements like a cold air intake

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