does this guy sound interested in me? helpp i don't know how to go about talking to him?

He's my friends friend and the only time i actually hung out with him was the first time i met him which was a while ago. (in september) he kept telling me i have swag and then a couple weeks later I bumped into him at a concert and he said that we should hang out again and stuff. so then last night i was with my friend who's friends with him and she had to pick up like 4 of her friends and he was there too. in the car he kept talking to me about music and seemed really interested in the fact that we both like the same music. he brought up like 2 shows that he said we should go see together. lol once we dropped him and the other 3 girls off, they all got out of the car and then he stayed in the car for like a minute and was talking more about the concerts and then said we should go to the steve aoki one coming up. so does he sound interested? i don't have his number but i'm friends with him on facebook soo should i message him or write on his wall like hey we should go to those shows you were telling me about! or should i just wait for him to do something?

thanks :]

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  • 9 years ago

    If he kept saying you guys should go then ya he is interested. That or maybe he thinks your cool. Message him on facebook talk a bit then ask for his number. Thats what I do when I meet girls.. Just don't get pushy. When you go. Flirt but don't make moves.. Tell him you wanna go.

  • 9 years ago


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