what happened to brock and dawn?

so i cracked open cartoon network, and saw a pokemon movie on, and brock isn't there! did they replace him and dawn with this french guy and a new girl?

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    9 years ago
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    Yes they replaced him. Brock is studying to become a doctor and Dawn's Buneary is going to be a model I believe.

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    Brock *sniffle* was replaced. Apparently he's practicing to become a doctor. In his place now is a gym leader named Cilan who deals in Grass-type Pokemon. He has 2 other brothers who use Fire-type and Water-type Pokemon. (In the game, these three are the first gym leaders. Which one you face is dependant on the starter Pokemon you chose.) Dawn is now replaced with a girl named Iris, who is a Dragon-type gym leader. In Pokemon White (the game), she is the 8th one.

    (Of course, we all expected the girl, Dawn, to take her leave, BUT I MISS BROCK.


    Source(s): serebii.net
  • 9 years ago

    I think you mean, TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN*!!

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