My bowels accidentally let loose?

I hate asking embarressing questions like this, but im very worried of this happening again. Please push any childish answers away.

I've been sat in bed doing homework all day. I pooped myself without warning tonight. Nothing came before it, no feelings or noises. It was pure liquid and rather bright brown. After I cleaned myself and the sheets, I'm getting rumbles in my stomach and feelings like it'll happen again. I didn't get these feelings before, though. I've had trouble with pooping the past week or so, too. I haven't had a "real" one through this week. Nothing at all liquid, though.

I've been eating LOTS of grapefruits the past few days. Ive also been eating more fruits the past month. I've been eating far less calories, too. About 200-700 each day. I used to eat around each day 500-900 before the month, but I've housed a fear of weight gain recently.

I'll cut to the chase. What caused this? Do I have to change my diet at all to make sure it doesn't happen again? I'm REALLY terrified of this happening in school tomorrow, so is there anything I could do tonight to make sure it doesn't happen again?

Thanks all


I am aware my eating habits are not healthy. I've been trying to get them to a more normal level the past few days, but it is quite hard. I only want short term advice for this, and I'll fix my diet long term eventually.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I think you would need a therapist more than a Bowel doctor.

  • becs
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    9 years ago

    Anorexia does ugly things to your body. You need to see a doctor for real advice. But I warn you, he WILL comment on your weight.

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