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Is being a head coach to much a defense coordinator?

For years it seems a defense coordinator turned head coach there teams struggle defense may be good but the offense usually below average or average at best. Don't say rex ryan, has there ever been a good defense head coach


True with bill but he started out on special teams then offense then defense so he coached each positions

Update 2:

Vin what you don't get I'm asking defense coaches turned head coach that's to hard to understand go back to pre school

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    Generally speaking, you're probably right. Bill Belichick is an exception to that.

    Source(s): Go right ahead and give me a thumbs down just because you don't like the Pats, but you know hell well Belichick is a great head coach.
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    I cannot understand your question, im pretty sure thats not english, speak in a gramatically correct format please

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