Truck question for guys.?

Awright,I'm 48 years old and been driving my F150 truck for almost 7 years now.

My question is this:with $4/gal. gasoline on the horizon I'm seriously thinking bout getting me a little Toyota Corolla or something similar,now I havent drove a car since I was in highschool has anyone made this similar change and was it worth it,was it hard to get used to drive one of those tiny cars?

Thanx ahead!

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  • David
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    9 years ago
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    i am a 300 pound guy and i went from a full size 1986 ford bronco to a little 2009 nissan versa. now i don't feel as safe but i was surprized how quick i got use to zipn around in it and not stopping for gas everyother day.

  • 9 years ago

    It'd be a good idea to get a more economical car for trips and around town. Keep the truck for when you need it. A Toyota Camry would probably be a better choice of car over the Corolla in that the operating costs are about the same and is a much more comfortable car.

  • 9 years ago

    I have an 06' Dodge 4 door/ 4 wd/ HD 2500. I can run 28-29 mpg with it at highway speeds (70-72 it likes the best) my dad had an 04' set up the same and his done the same thing. the only thing either had done was a K and N air filter. fuel mileage has more to do with how you drive, I could let an idiot drive my pick up and get 10 mpg with it. In the first 2 years I put 268,000 miles on it pulling campers in all 48 and canada so my mpg is not just a "perfect condition" scenario.

  • 9 years ago

    i made the change for all the reasons you mention.the new v.w.s have two cars on car and drivers top ten pick for 2012.the a high performance golf,then there's the inline 5 gas engine 23city33highway,then there's the one i bought,the golf turbo diesel injection,listed as one of the top ten green cars sold in America.mine has about 5k on it and i'm getting38city and 45 on the highway,i had a v.w.09 Jetta diesel,but wanted a 2dr.and bought this sweat ride at about has heated seats,heated mirrors,heated windshield sprayers.great sound system,blue tooth,fog lamps,and all the controlls on the steering wheel for answering the phone,changing the radio,and the option of shifting,clutchless of course.236 ft.lbs.of torque,just a blast to drive,the diesel have no plugs or wires.they are a wonderful engine,with great resale. do your self a favor and check out this great car small,with plenty of cabin

    Source(s): t's the kind of car you can't wait to drive and hate to get out of.the Germans really got this one right.with these diesels the engines have a very long life,and the warranty and service are the best,i guess you can see i'm sold.
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  • Erika
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    9 years ago

    At this point, it would be better economically and financially to get a smaller car. They are better for the environment and would not take nearly as much gas. This would save both your planet and your wallet. Plus, they will be easier to get into smaller parking spaces, especially when parallel parking. It won't be hard to adjust to a car again. If you are hell-bent on driving a truck, you may want to see about hybrid trucks.

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  • 4 years ago

    i'm a sprint automobile guy. I fell in love with my brother's seventy two Fiat Spyder while he permit me force it. I save hoping for a small sporty automobile, yet with 4 young ones(2 who force) i'm caught with a pair of greater moderen Fords, a 13 365 days previous Plymouth, and a 21 365 days previous Chevy. wager who gets caught with the Chevy while all 4 human beings want a automobile.

  • 9 years ago

    gas manual trucks are efficient. the sedans / cars get good mpg's but in my opinion i feel less manly driving one... you will get used to anything within your control. maybe you could try a hybrid truck or suv?

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