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How do I cover my dyed red hair back to brown?

I dyed my natural medium brown hair with John Frieda Precision in 6R in August. Then in october I dyed it again with the foam but in 4R. It is now fading a bit and my roots are starting to show. Would it be best to do it myself or go to the salon? I was thinking a deep brown.

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    There are many products available that actually take the color OUT of your hair. Considering you've used a drugstore dye, this should be considerably easy. Another option would be to bleach your hair, but that would be very damaging. One concern I do have about dying over it is red is very hard to get out of hair by dying over it and would most ensure that the red would still show (Personal Experience). Also, the color that you want to dye over it with may not be true to the color on the box and turn out the way you want. Make sure to take note of that before diving into that route. Hope I've helped!

  • Brown dye always covers my red up nicely--too nicely. I miss the red, occasionally you can see a glint of it sometimes but red never stays. All & all I would say just tint it back to a rich brown yourself. Save money and you may still get a hint of red :)

    Source(s): Been coloring my hair since I was 13
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    You should get a dye similiar to your origional color and dye it and wait for it to all grow out

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