US Army questions plz help!!?

1: how do you join the 101st or 82nd airborne/ other airborne divisions

2: how does 19d work for airborne divisions

3: do airborne troops still use parachute operations in iraq and Afghanistan

4: do 19Ds fight exclusively on vehicles or do they fight on foot sometimes

5: if soldiers use their own money are they allowed to use non-standard issue weapons (m1911a, ak-47 ect)

Thanks for the help!!

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    9 years ago
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    1. You get assigned there. Like every other unit in the Army. The 101st is Air Assault..not Airborne..despite the historical name. Haven't been Airborne since the early 70s.

    2. The same as every other MOS assigned to an Airborne division.

    3. They have. Though not much. Hasn't been much of a call for forced entry operations required of Airborne units in those two conflicts.

    4. You will habitually operate from vehicles as a 19D.

    5. No. You use what is issued. Period.

    Source(s): Me, 23 years in the US Army
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    4 years ago

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