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im 15 can i be emancipated?

im 15 years old and currently living with my nan my mum and dad have both kicked me out several times since the age of 8 im subject to a child protection plan and have been told i cant go and live back with my mum or my dad can i be emancipated due to my circumstances as noone has legal guardianship of me at the moment???


ive basicly looked after myself from the age of 8 i would be supported financialy supported by my grandmother as she is willing to help me through it as she and the social services feel i could take better care of myself then my mum and dad could thts why i was removed from my mums she neglected me as i had to buy my own food and take care of myself

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    Can you completely support yourself? As in do you have or make enough money to pay for rent, utilities, groceries, medical, dental, toiletries, transportation, clothing, school supplies, cleaning supplies, furniture, maintenance, and so on? This is an absolute requirement before they will even consider you to be eligible for emancipation. Also, the age requireme3nt varies from state to state, but all but one or two will require you to be at least 16.

    *EDIT* - By your additional details, you would not qualify. What if your grandmother decides to stop giving you money for some reason? She is under no legal obligation to pay you. And if you need this money, you are not prepared to be emancipated.

    Instead, why not look into her (your grandmother) being declared your guardian? That is a much more likely thing to happen than emancipation would be.

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    Emancipation is rarely ever granted and the cases in which it is granted typically involve marriage, parental abandonment, or complete financial independence. Here is a law article on the process: You would have to prove that you can function in every manner as an adult-both emotionally and financially. You would not be able to get any financial helps from your grandmother.

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