IPod troubles!!!!!!!!!!!!?

For some reason recently my iPod touch, newest generation, has stopped sending me notifications for mail. Even when I get an email It will not update... I don't understand what's wrong. I've tried just messing with the settings for mail but nothing seems to work. How do I get it to start sending notifications again???

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you already tried messing around with your email settings, then you have three left options to TRY to fix this:

    1) Delete your email account on your iPod and make it again

    2) Go to the main webpage of the email site you use (e.g. Gmail) on your iPod on Safari and download their application for iPod. You won't have to use the default Email app on the iPod.

    3) If number 1 doesn't work, back up all of your data on your iPod (music, videos, apps, photos, etc) using iTunes and reset your iPod to factory settings, everything you have on your iPod will be deleted so make sure you back it up.

    This are the only ways I know to fix this. :D


    Source(s): iPod user for 6 years.
  • 9 years ago

    this happen to me and i never knew why i think its because i always left my emails open meaning i had my iPhone email and iPad and Mac so i think that just messed up my email on my phone what I'm trying to say is don't have an account open with two or more devices!

    if its not this make sure its not nether then that i cant day anything and I'm sure its that because i always had the same account in my three devices!

  • 9 years ago

    have you tried resetting your ipod? or holding down the home button? try that and see if it works if not i would consult apple to fix it, but what you can do is turn off your notifications and turn them back on again.

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