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Boyfriend issues.. Need some advice please?

My bestfriends bf is involved in politics and is usually busy. They have been dating for 7 months and officially for 3 months. They arent the type to spend their time texting, talking on the phone because the bf prefers talking in person etc (abit old school). They usually see each other once a week. But lately it has changed to once a fortnight. She finds it hard to communicate with him since he doesnt like talking thru texts/fb/phone so finding time to talk to him is a matter of waiting since he is always busy and doesnt always reply to messages. The other day she asked to catch up but he said he had an organization meeting and was busy the following day without suggesting any other day. He hasn't contacted her since, which is a week ago and she is confused as to what he is thinking. I would appreciate any opinions/suggestion as to what she should do... Or how to bring up the issue. Thanks!

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    I suggest you butt out and let her handle her relationship herself...

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