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How do i pass saliva cotton swab drug test?

the last time i smoked was last saturday and i have to go back tuesday to take the test. and today is sunday, will i be able to pass it? because the last time i smoked was last saturday HELP ME OUT ASAP!!

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    Most likely not. It depends on your muscle to fat ratio and your internal system. Marijuana resadew" 'hides in fat cells. Some people can flush in less time than others and allot of that involves excess water and cranberry juice to "flush" the toxins out. But that is pee. Saliva is different. You can't water down saliva. If you smoked last weekend i would jog in a sauna and drink alot of water or cranberry juice and pray your body is a freek. Most people take 20+ days, fatties 30+.

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    Should be good, its been long enough for it to be out of you system. I read on a doctors site that it takes 48-72 hours after smoking to be out of your system. If you are a heavy smoker add on 24 mor hours.

    But, next time, just don't smoke. Use a nicotine patch or something.

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    Don't take the drugs in the first place......?

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